Shred, Burn or . . . SOAK

This is off my normal topics, but I wanted to share my brilliant idea!

Ok, brilliant is an overstatement. However, this has helped my manic obsessiveness over the destruction of sensitive documents.

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m rather manic about my security, of bank statements, account numbers, what have you. We get so much junk mail, and even my address, name number on junk mail or envelopes bugs me. I drive my poor husband crazy, if anything has our address on it or sensitive numbers I can’t stand it just going to the dumpster, I want it appropriately destroyed for all time.  I had a paper shredder a few years ago that received too much action and ceased to work efficiently. It was bulky and the noise it made was downright annoying. Besides the fact, every time I went to empty it I inevitably got little paper confetti EVERYWHERE.

We don’t have a fireplace, if we did that would be our preference is to just burn our sensitive documents.

When I suggested to Matt that we just rip the papers to shreds and then bury them, he said that, although that would be the method of choice for his old dog Skookum, unless we adopt a dog and assign him to the task of disposing of our documents we should come up with a more logical option.

I agreed.

I also couldn’t bring myself to shell out $40 for another paper shredder or just hoard all the papers away until I visit my parents wood burning stove in the fall.

I started taking each paper and ripping out all names, numbers, addresses, codes, etc that I considered to be off-limits, it ended up being less than 10% of each page.

It took some time to look at every piece of paper, every credit card offer, bill statement, but I tossed the bulk of it. And the ripped up scraps that had our info on it. I just tossed in a bowl with hot water.

AH HA! I let it marinate in it’s little bath for a bit, ripped it up a little more with my fingers, squeezed it into a little ball, getting rid of the water and tossed it in the trash!

Voila! All my obsessive manic-ness in one little ball, BWAHAHAHAHA.

*Ahem* Anyway, um, yes. So, that is how I tame the wild obsessive beast that screams within me that every human in the world is dying to steal my identity, while saving some money at the same time.

How do you destroy your sensitive documents?