What a fun year. Almost every week, Thursday is my favorite day because I can hang out with these awesome people!

Thursday Village

Our village is essentially a smallgroup from my church. It’s focus is on community building and spiritual discovery (hopefully).  It has been such an amazing experience to be able to have 15+ college students into our home every week and have the opportunity to freely talk about Jesus and what He teaches, I am the last person to claim myself as a good village leader, we’ve had some struggling weeks. Matt and I both have learned a lot what it is like to be good village “host” & “conversation facilitators” this year.

I think the closer we get to each other as a village the easier it is to talk freely without pretense or shame. I’m reading C.S. Lewis’ The Four Loves and I enjoy what he speaks of friendship, it is so interesting, he admires it above the other 3 loves. because it is the most un-animal of the loves, we don’t “need it” for survival.  Lewis talks of  how friendships can elicit change, they are a very strong force in which God created to teach and grow us. How exciting is that! He goes on to describe how friendships emerge over a common passion, or interest and how through them world change can truly take place. I hope that conversations at Village can grow into true friendship, I know some already have.

I learn more from village about Jesus and heart change and how to live an impactful life on Thursday’s from roughly 8:10-8:45 than I do most other times of my week.  That might be pathetic, but I think it’s a clear testament to how valuble God puts on human:human friendships. We weren’t meant to be alone. And how awesome is it to discuss and learn and grow together. What’s that verse… were two or more are gathered..??? Jesus shows up!

That again is cool.

Anyway, as I look toward next year I hope, I pray that Thursday nights are a time where hearts are examined, where healing, growth, learning, meaningfulness happens. And most importantly where love happens.