Aw, nothing makes me as excited as growing things! I’m so proud of my tomatoes! This is quite a step ahead of last year, last year I hadn’t even bloomed by late June, and didn’t really get tomato production until late August/early September, and with a huge frost 1st part of October it was a terrible time to be a gardener, but fast forward to this year we’ve had so much glorious rain! And it gives me a little wiggle room when I forget to water.

So last year I grew Tomatoes, Peppers, Green and bulb onions, Peas, Acorn Squash, Bird house gourds, Radishes, Zucchini, Cucumbers.

This year I am growing Tomatoes, Peppers, bulb onions, peas, zucchini, cucumbers and pole beans, with one lavender plant. I am thinking the simpler the better. Last year it really got away from me early, but this year I’m absolutely determined to keep it reigned in. Lots of weeding and howing, lots of fertilizer, so far so good. My peppers are getting eaten up by something, but seem to despite all odds bloom, so I can’t complain too much.

Should have peas within a month, I can’t wait!!!

Radishes and some other stuff

Freshly sprouted

The radishes have germinated. The seed sown has grown! Words do not express just how excited I am to see my plants grow and thrive. Working in the garden (so far, we will see when it’s hot outside and snakes linger) I could equate to a spiritual experience of sorts. I’m a naturalist at heart, nothing makes me feel the presence of Jesus more than being in the beauty of His creation.  Walking through the garden has been amazing, just seeing the tomatoes grow new leaves, and the old fall away, watching the peppers wilt but then make a miraculous recovery or even the act of planting seeds with the hope they will grow has been significant.

Jesus makes so many parallels with growing, harvesting, sowing, reaping it has been on my mind lately, and a song we sang at church tonight “resonated” (pun absolutely intended) with me.

This is my prayer in the harvest
When favor and providence flow
I know I’m filled to be empited again
The seed I’ve recieved I will sow

I’ve recieved seed. It’s my responsibility to sow, abandoning any worry or anxiousness I have for the future, I have but one choice. I cannot worry about having enough left over, I’m supposed to be emptied. I trust that I will be filled up again.

I have to trust.

But it’s SO HARD.  I have to be okay with seemingly cruel, unfair acts that happen to those I love, I have no choice but trust that God has a plan and to Him be the glory, I have to trust, both hands wide open to Jesus, heart abandoned, soul surrendered.

I will trust that I will be filled once again.

My lack of trust has changed my relationship with Christ this year, I’m hesitant to give it positive or negative value, lets just say “change”.

Last summer Matt’s cousin was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer when she was 6 monthes pregnant, she gave birth permaturely and passed away soon after diagnosis. My best friend growing up has two beautiful baby girls and found out that they both have a rare genetic disesase with a life expectancy of less than 3 years. I look at the pain, the ache, the misery, the anguished parents, the loney children and I cannot understand how God can get any glory from that. I sing the songs, I walk the walk, but I don’t get it. I pull away, my hands are not up in abandon, I don’t want to abandon my heart or surrender my soul to something that could cause so much anguish.

In my heart I know this is foolish.

My spiritual walk this year could be compared to my recent running experience: I run, I enjoy the burn for awhile, then my body starts to switch from glycogen stores to adipose tissue and I peace out, its too hard, this is where I stop, my friends encourage me to just keep running through “the wall”. But something makes me stop, I can’t continue, even though I’m told it gets way better after the wall, I can’t break through on my own.

I’ve hit a spiritual wall, this trust thing, this no worry,  just trust, abandon heart, soul surrendering gig, I just stop. It’s as far as I want to go and as far as I’m confortable going.

and I miss out on the greater things God wants to teach me.

I’m just chillin’ in the kiddie pool with my water wings, inflatable shark and two noodles shaking my head “Nope. Not gonna go to the deep side, nuh uh.”


So, here I am, just chilling, missing out on all that stuff because of my own fear, my lack of faith.

My prayer: Jesus give me the faith I need to trust you, both hands faced up, heart surrendered, soul completely abandoned to you and your will, be that what it may. I choose to put my WHOLE heart in Your hands, I give you control, consume me, give me faith, may it bring You glory. Let this new way of thinking spread into my every thought, every action, every word I speak, that all that I am is surrendered to You.


I’ve been meaning to write this post for a week, since it was exactly a week ago that we planted!

We have a GARDEN!

It’s roughly 40 x 25 feet  and includes 30 tomato plants and 20 + pepper plants, 4 eggplant plants (?), two rows of onions, two rows of snap peas, one thick row of carrots, lavender, dill, radishes, 4 hills of cucumbers, 4 of zucchini, 4 of acorn squash and finally two hills of birdhouse gourds. Whew!

We have one row that has nothing in it… yet to be decided, I thought possibly rosemary, thyme,  basil or sage or I might just plant my herbs in pots near the door, easier for cooking. Any suggestions for the final row?

The garden work started last Friday, Matt and I dug out our back yard, it was full of weeds, we tried merely pulling the weeds, but then decided it was a better move to just dig out the weeds along with all the roots. We definitely needed more than one almost broken shovel that we found in our neighbors shed to do the deed.  So we  bought an awesome (yet overpriced) shovel at Ace. And spent the remainder of the day digging out the weeds, it was a workout to say the least.

My wonderful Dad came up the next morning with a whole truck full of steer manure… ahem…”organic material” is what we are calling it. It didn’t smell, and was a beautiful rich brown.  Here I am spreading it with our new awesome shovel!Shoveling Organic MaterialThen we had to spread it evenly around the area where we dug out the sod, then Dad rotatilled it in. Amazing!

Jill shoveling and Dad tillingThen we measured and made rows with stakes and string, and started planting, the soil is so gorgeous here, our neighbor came out and said we have some of the best soil in Pullman because we live on the edge and it was wheat fields not that long ago! Cool! My dad brought seeds that he had gotten in bulk,  seeds of varieties of plants that WSU cultivated and developed to work perfically in this climate! Sweet land grant university perks (there had to be some, right?)

Planted the tomatos and now to the peppersIt was a beautiful day to plant, despite the weather later in the week, which caused me to abandon all my glassware to the garden, also numerous plastic totes, water bottles, soda bottles and anything to cover the sensitive plants from the frost. I think we might be out of the danger zone, but it’s never a guarantee.

Our finished garden, and my Dad isn’t that short, he is just hiding. 🙂

The Finished productTo water it we wired the sprinkle to our old garbage can so it can reach all the way across the plants.

Watering the gardenSo that is the garden! Our first, technically Jill, Matt and I are talking 1/3 ownership roles. With a weekly weeding date pending.

Exactly one week later no plants have sprouted, but I’m not worried, most seeds have a 14 day germination period, so if things haven’t popped by next week, I’ll start digging around.

I cannot even wait for fresh radishes and cucumbers on a salad! Or bbqued Zucchini or tomatos, oh glorious salsa!

And a thank you to Violent Veg for the hyperlinked vegetable jokes. I absolutely love Violent Veg, but it’s a British thing, so you don’t see it much here. So funny!!!!!!