Gingersnap Cranberry Balls

Since the raw brownies  I made a few weeks ago were a success I thought I’d try some of the other energy balls I saw on pinterest. But since I cannot follow a recipe verbatim to save my life I drew inspiration from a few recipes and decided to do my own thing.

Gingersnap Cranberry Balls

20 Trader Joe’s Triple Ginger snap cookies

1/2 cup walnuts, ground

1/2 cup dried cranberries

2 TB Maple Syrup

8 Medjool Dates (SEEDS REMOVED)

Toss everything in food processor, process unti everything is incorporated, roll into 3/4 inch balls, should make at least 20 balls

Here is your SCHWEET nutrition facts for 1 ball, 90 kcals isn’t too bad.

Bearded men like gingersnap cranberry balls

So do beautiful nurses

Thank you to D.O. and to Laura for being great taste testers and food models.


4 Comments on “Gingersnap Cranberry Balls”

  1. jdamskov says:

    So gingersnaps are my most favorite cookie of ALL TIME. If Amanda, Jackson, and I ever find our way to your side of the state to visit, I humbly request we have these for dessert 🙂

    • Laura says:

      Consider it done! I think gingersnaps are terribly underrated, I’m glad they are your fave. Miss you guys (also you have an outstanding invite whenever you feel the urge to visit)!

  2. These look amazing!! Thanks for sharing. I’m glad I came across you on here — love it. 🙂

  3. Veggiewitch says:

    These look divine! ♥

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