Cherry Caribbean Mockarita

I made tamales today, again.  But I made some changes to my recipe which I’ll change in the recipe itself.

It’s almost getting too hot outside to make tamales, it got to a whopping 68 degrees here today. Oh Spokane. . . seriously now, you had your winter, 8 months of it in fact, since you are determined to only recognize 2 seasons, that obviously means it is now summer. Please act accordingly. Sincerely, Laura

Despite the “warm” weather, cool drinks are always great w/ Mexican food, and my sweet mom gave me her old ice chipper. It’s loud and it doesn’t work very well. Often it stops working all together and I have to un-assemble it and melt the blade with warm water, then reassemble for it to work again. Matt questioned whether the Snoopy ice grinder, beloved by our generation would work better. I think it would.

But as long as Margaritaville ice shavers are $199 at Target and I have a conscious about spending $199 on something that shaves my ice for me, we will continue to use the beast with a thankful heart.



Cherry Caribbean Mockaritas

1 part Corona

1 part Cherry 7-up

1 part Rum (the cheaper the better . . . )

1/2 part frozen limeade concentrate

Mix and Pour over shaved ice. Garnish with maraschino cherries



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