Thai Chicken Pizza

So I’ve seen these GREAT cauliflower crusts all over pinterest and over blogs I follow, but the BEST picture on pinterest doesn’t have a working link.

Lame Sauce.

So, I did some hunting and tried to figure out a proper recipe.

This is actually kind of difficult. This cauliflower crust thing isn’t as easy as they seem to suggest. Humph. . .

I got this funky green/yellow cauliflower with the bountiful baskets.

The recipes say to “rice” the cauliflower.

Um, okay.

How do I do that again? Is that even something people do?

. . .

When in doubt bring out the FOOD PROCESSOR.

And then I pushed the pulse button 2 dozen times . . . rice, rice, rice, rice, rice. Until it resembled yellow/green rice.

Sort of. I guess.

Then I microwaved the “riced” cauliflower for 8 minutes. And I let it cool, and mixed in nutritional yeast, eggs, oregano, pepper and 1/2 cup mozzarella. And pressed it thin onto an aluminum lined pan . . .

And then I baked it.

And then the it affixed itself against the foil to never part.

Literally never part, I couldn’t separate it

Lame sauce.

I just wasted the whole awesome weird colored cauliflower by fusing it to stupid aluminum foil.

Everything is stupid.

Sweet husband scraped it off of the pan and ate it like some sort of creative hash.

It didn’t look good, but it did taste GREAT.

The nutritional yeast in the crust was tangy and delicious. The toppings of chicken, broccoli, red peppers, crimini mushrooms, onions, FRESH MANGO  were delicious! I used Trader Joe’s Red Curry Sauce with this goodness to make it all Thai-ish

I wasn’t satisfied with that tasty hash. So I tried again, but I didn’t feel like running to Rousauer’s for more cauliflower. So, I did it the old fashioned, carb ladden way.

Mmmm, carb-y.

It was the pizza dough recipe from Joy of Cooking.

I did discover that broccoli is a delicious pizza topping, the first time I steamed it, the second time I just stir fried them for a bit with the onions. Both ways worked and no brown broccoli.

I didn’t have any crimini mushrooms or red peppers, but I had tomatoes

I think the take home message is that the combination of Trader Joe’s Red Curry Sauce and chicken, onions, broccoli plus other random veggies is really good.

I recommend.

Recommended highly. It’s very good.

And I’ll get back to you about that cauliflower crust, because my first attempt, that hash-i-fied stuff, is just embarrassing.

Thai Chicken Pizza

Pizza Crust (your fave)

1 bottle Trader Joe’s Red Curry Sauce

1 onion, chopped

1 tree broccoli, chopped

1 cup mozzarella

1-2 chicken breasts baked in soy sauce, chopped

1 mango, diced

1 tomato, chopped

1 red pepper, diced

8 crimini mushrooms sliced

Stir fry onions till they caramelize, half way through add the broccoli, cover and allow to cook for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Spread 1/2 bottle Red Curry sauce on prepared pizza crust, sprinkle with mozzarella top with broccoli, onions, mango, tomato, red pepper etc. Top with chicken, top with remaining mozzarella and some parmesan if it’s available.

10 slices


2 Comments on “Thai Chicken Pizza”

  1. trialsinfood says:

    sorry your first attempt didn’t work out. your second one looks delicious! have you ever added kale to your pizzas?

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