Best Albums of 2010

Pretty good year in music, it was busy and didn’t research as much new music as I usually do, so my tastes are pretty mainstream (oh the horror). I’m not proud of my unoriginal music choices this year, but what can I say, the music itself is pretty great, so I’ll stop being a wannabe hipster who loves music from bands that haven’t formed yet. If my favorites have a theme its grown up boy band.

10. Magnetic North by Aqualung

I’ve always enjoyed Aqualung, this is a good album, maybe not as memorable as their last. I’m afraid they are losing their fan base as they have mellowed out over the years, however I like it. This new album had some gems on it, especially Thin Air which really reminded me of my Grandma and Grandpa, I lost my Grandpa this year to cancer, my Grandma and Grandpa were married over 60 years, his last trip was to the ocean with my Grandma, this song reminds me of their love, true even at the end.

9. Night Train by Keane

Again with the grown up boy-bands. I enjoyed tracks My Shadow and House Lights, Keane front man Tim Rice-Oxley’s collaboration made it higher on my list this year as well.

8. Inverted by Jimmy Eat World

Always liked these guys, and like many of my old favorites they have grown up. Fun album with my favorite tracks of Movielike and Coffee and Cigarettes.

7. Infinite Arms by Band of Horses

Good ol’ Seattle band, gotta love their sound, even got some songs from their last album on RockBand, Compliments is my favorite track along with Older which might be my personal anthem for this year.

6. Mt Desolation (Self Titled)

Second shout out to Tim Rice-Oxley, and other members of bands I love like The Killers and Noah and the Whale, Mt Desolation opened for Mumford and Sons concert this year, it was pretty fabulous, the whole band seemed like they were having way too much fun on stage, which immediately made me fall in love with them, not always original, but still love the sound, best tracks are Bitter Pill and Departure.

5. Thistled Spring by Horse Feathers

LOVE THEM LIVE! Saw them at Birds on a Wire music festival in Pullman this spring, so good!

4. EPs Behave Yourself and Louder than Ever by Cold War Kids

EPs are like appetizers, I’m sure the comparison has been made before, but with a few bands EPs are simply not enough and make me hungry for more right now, that is how CWK’s Louder than Ever made me feel, Audience is great, love the maturing sound they have. I am antsy for a full album though, it will no doubt be on my 2011 list.

3. So Runs the World Away by Josh Ritter

Good ol’ Josh Ritter, never fails to impress. I’m probably a little more partial to Mr. Ritter because of his Palousian origins as well as being introduced by a best friend. Southern Pacifica is beautiful, I admit to have played it on repeat. Another favorite is the gorgeous Change of Time.  Really the entire album really runs together well, I want to listen to it exactly from track 1 through the end.

2. The Age of Adz by Sufjan Stevens

Is it chance or what that I actually got to see my top two favorite artists this year live? The Sufjan concert was freaking awesome, besides the fact that it was at the Paramount in Seattle, delightful venue, makes me never want to see a show in Portland again.

Sufjan branched out with this new album,  my initial listen left me unmoved, it took a few listenings before I truly started to appreciate his new sound and when I did I literally couldn’t stop listening to it. Vesuvius and Age of Adz are my two favorite songs. More than anything else though, this album really flows from well right from the beginning, like So Runs the World. Beautiful!

1. Sigh no More by Mumford and Sons

Well, of course, no surprise here. Matt and I saw them twice this year, both times they were incredible. They produce a fabulous sound that I just can’t get enough of. Marcus’s original voice just gives me goosebumps. Really loved seeing them live, I don’t think you can judge them appropriately until you see a show, they are so powerful on stage and really show raw emotion. They still seem a little standoffish on stage, I would have liked to see a little more crowd interaction, but that is okay. Totally recommend every track, they are all good.

Just annoyed that Pitchfork Media only gave them a 2.1 (those obsessively indie hipster jerks).

So there it is. A month too late. Enjoy. I can’t wait to see what 11 has in store (anyone heard the Decemberists new album, it’s pretty schweet!!!)