Snakes vs. Zombies

Matt and I have been watching the first few seasons of The X Files. I started to watch it while he was in Mexico and then got him into it. I am forever entertained by Mulder and Scully and all of the ridiculousness of that show, how serious they both take UFOs, Vampires, Half-worm-half-man monsters created by Chernobyl etc. And every once in a while an episode creeps me out terribly.

It is surprising that we have made it halfway through season 2 given the fact that neither Matt or I do “scary” well. Actually we avoid it at all costs, never see horror films or go to corn mazes/haunted houses. Even one of our first dates that got us lost in the wheat fields near our hometown where we accidentally dead ended at the  Baby Graves Cemetery freaked us both out tremendously. Nonetheless The X Files are very entertaining to us and we continue to avidly watch. We have grand debates about which episode is scarier, we never agree. Take last night for example, we watched two episodes, the first was about Marines who were being turned into Zombies by Haitian immigrants waiting to get their visas into the US, they “Zombi-a-fied” the soliders by giving them powdered frog dust (yes I know this is completely insane and at least in this day in age borderline inappropriate). The second episode involved a small New England town controlled by devil worshipers, a high school homicide and the climax of death by snake constriction.

Anyone who knows me well would know that the second episode was significantly more terrifying and plausible to me than the first, not surprisingly Matt disagreed. The fact that the poison from the powdered frogs was Tetrodotoxin which is historically used in VooDoo practices and (according to Wikipedia)  is “the closest actual manifestation of “Zombie-ism” caused him to find the episode semi-legit and it creeped him out. I find a massive tropical python being controlled by devil worshippers to constrict and eat non-believers significantly more probable and I imagine most US cases of snake constriction and death are similarly related.

The second season was filmed in 1994-1995, 16-15 years ago, along with production budgets, special effects, computer and technology advances “thriller-like” TV shows are significantly more jaw dropping, but at least for Matt and I not necessarily scarier. It is amazing how much technology has changed in 16 years. And that naturally made me think how simultaneously quick and slow 16 years go by. I was 9 when this season of The X Files premiered. I do not remember specifically any of the episodes but I remember catching an episode or two on TV and thinking that they were the most terrifying thing on television.  I’ve seen a wider variety of television and movies since I was 9 but The X Files still can send shivers down my spine and might be among the scariest (albeit interesting and addicting) things I’ve watched.