Act of God

Hello blog, how are you? I am back and ready to write, I think blogging will be a safe and fun activity this summer, especially in the next 3 weeks with Matt away (more on that later).

So yesterday I was listening to NPR, here in Pullman we get two NPRs, one that plays classical music with a deejay that sounds stoned and one that is essentially talk radio, news, weather etc. I am an avid fan of the latter. Despite my Mother’s warning against the “liberal propaganda” that she deems NPR is chock full of, I am constantly fascinated and entertained by the topics they talk about, and it’s always fodder for good table talk for my residents.

One of the news briefs was that this week in Monroe Ohio a 62ft statue of Jesus that is in front of Solid Rock Chuch in the middle of the night was struck by lightning and completely burned to the ground. Residents of Monroe and thereabouts are touting it as “An Act of God”. Possibly signaling the second coming or a precursor to death and destruction looming in the near future. It got me thinking “An act of God????”  “What is an act of God”

I was driving through Pullman at the time, we have had record rain fall (it feels like) this spring, almost every day last week was rainy, and although it’s annoying and cold it makes the rolling hills here absolutely glow with green! So beautiful, I’ve never seen Pullman so beautiful, roses, petunias, wild honeysuckle and bachelor buttons covering every space that isn’t full of lush green grass…. isn’t every germination of a seed into a plant an act of God? How about every rain drop? Every wind that blows? Every blossom the flowers and has the signature upon it of a masterful and infinite creator… if that isn’t an act of God I don’t know what is.

What about human life? Every time I see a brand new baby I think it must be a miracle, an unquestionable act of God. Or how about a friendship or a marriage, the bond between child and parent, how about human empathy, love, goodness I think God deserves more credit to any good that seemingly comes from us, that’s not us, it’s Him.

A gaudy 62foot statue of Jesus made entirely of plastic foam and fiberglass getting struck by lightning and burning to the ground is deemed an act of God?? Well, maybe. But it sounds more like physics and common sense. Seriously a 6 story statue made of foam and fiberglass, and they are SURPRISED it got stuck by lightning and burnt down? Just because it was in the shape that people THINK Jesus was (bearded, robed, long hair, Caucasian) putting 62 feet of foam and fiberglass into the air with the assumption that it wouldn’t succumb to combustion seems a little naive. Of course I have very little understanding of these things. Truly I’m sorry for Solid Rock Church’s loss of their statute, it was positioned near a local freeway, so it was often seen by motorists, maybe this got people thinking a little bit more about Jesus during their day, not a bad thing. They plan on rebuilding, and already the construction process has begun, I personally hope they choose an alternative material… maybe rock, even the rock that the builders rejected the first time. haha.


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