I remember when WWJD bracelets  were all the rage, they were cute I guess, I had a purple one, it was hard to fasten on by one’s self.  Soon after that all the klitchy Christianese acronym bracelets were really in… PUSH: pray until something happens, FROG: fully rely on God, ASAP: always say a prayer are the ones I remember. I did a quick search and–wow. There are some really strange ones try

GUM: God Use Me

JAGUAR: Jesus always guides us and redeems

LEOPARD: love everyone offer prays and repent daily

TIGER: Trust in God & Everything’s Right (all we are missing is COUGAR, LION, BOBCAT & LYNX see below)

LICE: Life in Christ Eternal (awesome…lice, very memorable)

TED: Treasure every day

ANYWAY, we were singing away at church last night and the words… break my heart for what breaks Yours really “resonated” with me. What things break God’s heart? Malice, hate, war, abuse, slavery? Do little things break God’s heart, like white lies, questionable websites, gossip, passive aggressiveness… what things break my heart? Are those the same things that break God’s heart? Sometimes probably, but it’s definitely not an exhaustive list.

At work, Residents who don’t have visitors or who are wrecked with Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Depression break my heart, I ache as  loneliness, anxiety, regret shake my friends… that is what breaks my heart, I assume it break’s God’s too.

So BMHFWBY, God please break my heart for what breaks yours, show me what is wrecked since the Fall,  show me how you have redemption in the issue and it can be used for your glory. Show me, guide me, teach me anyway I can alleviate the suffering of this world, all in your name. Show me how to profess your name above all others, show the world that anything I do is only because of you and who you are. Thank you beautiful Savior for forgiving me and for bringing redemption.

and I made these ones to go with the big cat theme shown above…

COUGAR: Cause’ Our Un-Gratefulness Acts Rate (as in rate poorly on a 10-1 scale)

LION: Love Is (the) ONLY Notion (you should have)

BOBCAT: Because Of Babies Chilidren Act Terrible (No explanation)

LYNX: Love Yes, No Xerona (what happens to eyes when there is no Vit A, yeah, I know it doesn’t make sense)


One Comment on “BMHFWBY…”

  1. beka says:

    I like this post! So creative and also challenging as well. I love that song but it is crazy if I stop and think about exactly what it means! How often do I just like the beat or the way a song sounds and sing it, sing it and sing it some more….without even paying attention to the words!! wow TOO MUCH! Once I stop and actually think about what it is saying it is crazy! I sometimes will not sing a song and just listen to the words and think about them and it is more powerful that when I am saying them!
    I miss yOu!

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