JULY JULY (and the first part of August)

snake river sunset

Woo, what a MONTH! Some fun times, and some not fun times.

Fun times: Camping with Lena, Chris, Nicole, Ken, Noah, Michelle and Matt at the Dworshak Resivoir.

Not-so-fun times: Having a HUGE state inspection at work, after a month there, not knowing what to do, 14 hour days and mass quantities of stress

Fun times: Passing the inspection with 100% in the kitchen

Not-so-fun-times: More 14 hour days covering for employees, going solo in the kitchen for 12 of those 14 hours

Fun times:  Swimming in the great Snake River while a huge barge of freshly harvested wheat rolls by, during a beautiful pink and purple sunset

Not-so-fun times: Waking up at 4am to drive to Moses Lake

Fun times: Selling peaches and nectarines at the Moses Lake Farmers Market

So a mix of both… I’ve missed writing here,  I am constantly experiencing moments and I stop and think “I should blog that”, but I don’t, and here I am, a MONTH and 3 days later without a new post. Seriously sad times.

Despite the long hours work has been excellent, I feel I have finally come into my own, I make decisions and relate differently to the leadership and residents then my predecessor, and that is okay. We are all different. I’ve had positive reviews at work, and that helps my unstable work-esteem, I so often feel like a failure when I don’t respond to a situation like a pro. I can always do better, and I’m trying hard, and I appriciate it when my fellow employees and boss encourage me in that, I try to do the same for them.

It’s been sooo hot, and then on Friday it was a chilly 53 degrees! Sort of like my month… Record breaking temps on both ends.

In other news Matt and I are no longer in financial ruin ( I love using that hyper-dramatic phrase). But seriously, it is a privilege, a blessing and one of the best feelings in the world to have confidence in the fact that we can pay rent every month. We did a good 7 months blindly relying, quite literally, on the utter grace of God for an account balance in the black. Now we continue to rely, and are equally as thankful, but not quite as blind to where that $$$ is coming from. *Breathes deep sigh of Relief*

Matt got a cool job driving bus for Pullman Transit, he passed his CDL on Friday, and now can be seen driving middle and high schooler to and from school Monday-Thursday and the Saturday South Route on Saturday afternoons and Evenings.

We made Thanksgiving plans to visit some friends in California, so exciting!! So lots to look forward to, but not too much that we don’t enjoy the interval.

So here is to a new month ( a full 10 days into it) with more blogging, more memory making, more fun times!

*Next time on Laura’s ignored blog GARDEN (cause it’s sooooo COOL and sometimes scary!!!!)