Laura and the CivicWow, lots of fun stuff this week, Matt & I finally made the decision to purchase a second car. Do the benefits outweigh the negatives?? —- let’s hope so! A second car adds a lot to our monthly bills, but makes life SO MUCH EASIER! And while I’m working at 6:30 for the next month or so, it’ll be much better for poor Matt to get some sleep!

So, we got a 2002 Honda Civic ($600 under Blue Book), the best part is the 36-44 mpg. Simply wow. Not as great as a diesel or a new hybrid, but pretty darn awesome. Boomer, as we named “her” also has a sweet little sound system and a sun roof AND keyless locks, how fun to have the “button”.

The picture was taken at the UofI arboretum, Matt, Jill and I traveled through on Saturday and took lots of pictures. Some to be blown up and put on the wall of the gorgeous foliage.

In other news I’m gearing up to go “solo” (without the previous DM to hold my hand) next week at work. Yikes! Not going to lie, it stresses me out somewhat. I feel like I have 100 questions that I don’t know to ask, but will regret not asking if I don’t have them figured out by Monday. But I know I have the basics down. Paperwork is of UTMOST importance, and not a single T can be left uncrossed. Being watchful and sensitive to any and all needs of the residents is also of extreme importance. I received training to be a “certified” feeding assistant last week, a lot of review on the nutritional ends of things but lots of new information in the social and bureaucracy end.

My prayer for the week:

Father, make me aware of the needs of others, despite my own discomfort, help me to love others in the way they need, give me patience, help me to learn quickly, help me grow into a respectable, trustworthy manager. Thank you for my patient husband as he learns to love his “space cadet” working wife. Thank you for the beautiful rain, thank you for “this” plan. Grow me, show me, teach me. I love you.*

* Hey readers, I’m reminded of Matthew 6:5-6… pharisees, praying loudly in public etc, please know this is honestly not my purpose in writing a short prayer at the end of some of my posts, mostly just to remind myself of the significance of the week, and possibly as a prayer request to my friends. If it ever comes off as more than that, please inform me. I’m hopelessly flawed and arrogant in so many ways that I’m unaware of blinded to.


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