So, I’ve been neglecting my blog! It’s been a whirlwind two weeks, unfortunately stressful, but (prepare your ears, because I’m going to scream) I GOT A JOB!!!!!!!

And not only a job, or a job in my major, it’s a job, it’s in my major AND I LOVE IT!

It all started on facebook, when Phil Walleck sent me a link on craigslist for a job as a dietary manager at a long term care facility 5 miles from my house, I initially thought “There is no way I’m qualified for this” but I took a look anyway and searched everything I could find about dietary managers. DMs (as they are called) monitor kitchens, hire and fire and manage kitchen staff, interview clients, take food histories, maintain sanitation standards, take nutrition risk assessments, get mighty fine paychecks AND (and this might be the best part require a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition or a similar degree and a DM certification (passing a 500 question exam). WHAHOO!

I sent my application in, without a hope, I have ZERO managing experience and VERY LITTLE cooking experience. But what an ideal job! AND IN PULLMAN!! What are the odds???

I got an immediate e-mail back from the hiring manager, and she set me up with an interview. The interview was… dare I say it… fun?! After the initial awkwardness and the answering of the scary questions I visited the kitchen staff for a while, I ended up getting a hug from a cook, what are the odds of getting a hug at an interview.

So, irresponsibly Matt and I “went off the grid” for a few days and visited Glacier MT, it was so beautiful, and one the first day week took a long hike onto the top of  mountain. It was amazing to see the view from the 3 mile high top of the mountain, seeing a train below trudge on through, the clouds settled into the valleys and the wildflower patches streamed about near rivers and lakes.  I took my phone along for the off chance that I might get cell reception (I did!). I realized I two missed calls from the facility…. I called back on a friend’s phone that accidentally got onto speaker phone… I called back, and WAS OFFERED THE JOB!

So needless to say it was a real “mountain top experience”

I started on Monday, it’s a long term care facility, so some of the things that are seen there can be slighting “jarring”. It’s hard to see people at the end of their lives, unable to show truly who they once were. But the people there and my fellow employees are nothing short of delightful, and I can honestly say, every single one.

The kitchen team is a hoot! Second day there I felt like I belong, checking in an order and filling out nutritional risk assessments. SO FREAKIN AWESOME!!!

I’m overwhelmed what a perfect fit this job was for me! Is it a huge learning curve? yes. Will I stress out over getting every detail accounted for? yes. Am I utterly and totally clueless 90% of the time so far? heck yeah! But I see the potential for loving this job. For getting to know my fellow employees and hopefully making a difference there. For loving people, in a place where love might be not always willingly given.

I’m so so so thankful, and I’m eager to do a stellar job.

God had answers, I just didn’t know what was up with the last job. I was so disappointed, but He had a plan. This job is so much more than I even thought I could have, I had my sights on some cool colored rock, but God had a diamond in mind.

So all in all my brain is totally FRIED, my right arm is sooo sore from writing and I’m contemplating how to wash professional pants, but I’m grinning ear to ear, happy as can be to be to experience this awesome blessing!


One Comment on “The JOB”

  1. beka says:

    Prais God! I got goose-bumps or chill-bumps… maybe BOTH when I read your post! Congratulations over and over! I knew there would be a great job for you! You’re amazing and way to get in there!

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