It’s May! I love May in the Palouse, everything turns green, and copious amounts of tulips bloom (some in my own yard, not by my own planting even, yay!). I love green anyway, it is my favorite color afterall, but the natural greens, ones when reproduced into unnatural things lose all their glory, are my favorite. The green in the Palouse is refreshing, not aqua or teal but a rich nearly intoxicating green.  Even walking down Greek Row on my way to work I marveled at the Sororiety lawns, just beautiful, bright, deliciously green. And I inturn marveled at how I forgot how truly beautiful it is.

It has also been stormy this week, so the mix of quickly moving dark, purple clouds, mixed with red and pink tulips and the heavenly greens has made the whole Palouse look like a edited picture, where you turn the saturation levels way up so everything is dark, strong colors, quite unlike the muted, grey/brown yuckiness in the winter.

It fills my soul.

I wonder if that is what God intended? The winter fast from color makes the spring time so much more anticipated and desirable. Even if the warmer weather wasn’t enough the color and the variety in weather of spring and summer. I’m thankful for color. How it redeems this land from the pastels and dreariness is so odd. Although I do note subtle signs of spring like crocuses or buds or poplar blossoms it always surprises me, all of a sudden without warning it’s gorgeous outside, and even my unmanicured back yard is glowing!

Life and growth and change is much the same way, small indicators here and there, but when you compare something to that which is was, but is no longer it’s striking! Growth happens in that! I’m thinking about Village, what we should talk about tonight, the sermon was on prayer, but I think it might be more meaningful and fitting to finish out the year with a summery of sorts.   And just talk about important moments of the last school year and share about what we’ve learned, where we have grown, where we have suceeded, failed, loved, hated, felt pain, felt triumph and for better or worse how we’ve changed.

Change just like the shift of demoralizing browns of February to life giving greens of May!


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